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Valencia in my heart

So much is written in the Internet about Valencia. An infinite number of books have been published – but still in fame and popularity of Spanish cities Valencia ranks behind Madrid and Barcelona. Indeed Valencia is “just” the 3rd largest city in Spain, it… Continue Reading “Valencia in my heart”

Valencia, tercera en el ranking de las ciudades más peatonales de España

Un estudio revela cuales son las ciudades más peatonales de España, y ojo, Valencia se encuentra entre ellas…¡en tercera posición! — Weiterlesen valenciabonita.es/2018/07/04/valencia-tercera-ranking-ciudades-mas-peatonales-de-espana/

Delicious spanish food in Valencia

The Challenge Walking through Valencia and making the right choice for your meal often becomes a challenge. Everything looks delcioius and tasty but there are big differences. You even cannot tell by the look&feel or the people in the Restaurants which place is a… Continue Reading “Delicious spanish food in Valencia”

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