Ilhabela – august 2010

Beautiful Island with lots of natural pools and falls, awesome beaches and a lot of things to do:

  • 4×4 tour
  • many guide or unguided walks
  • sailing, surfing, diving, …
  • beach-life
  • climbing

Be advised, that Ilhabela is also the home of many mosquitos. You still don’t want to miss it but always take a good repellant with you.

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Aguas Claras – august 2010

Aguas Claras Eco Lodge is a spot in paradise. The active Coffee plantation is offering a full range of countryside lifestyle in the Brasil. Nearby Guapimirim in the state of Rio de Janeiro this beautiful resort of Eco Tourism is so enjoyable that you don’t want to leave any more.

The quiet and peaceful environment gives all you need to relax and enjoy the nature. It is a great Refugium for the entire family. We enjoyed so much the time swimming in the pool or just chilling in the hammocks and watching the wild parrots.

Harvesting Coffee

The Activities offered include

  • daily horseback riding
  • a ride on a 4×4 throughout the entire farm
  • actively watching (and helping) to harvest the coffee (see picture above)
  • and many more
A daily ride to explore the surroundings


The food at Aguas Claras is mostly homemade and so delicious:

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When writing this outstanding memory of our journeys I was shocked that the homage of Aguas Claras I had written down was not active anymore. I hope all is well there and Aguas Claras is still giving it´s enchanting moments to many other travelers.













Paraty – august 2010

Paraty is one of the very few seaside villages right halfway on the way from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo, where the old colonial style houses survived. They are all well conserved and most of them are nice Pousadas nowadays. They all look nice and offer a high level of comfort. Personally I can recommend highly Pousada do Sandi and Pousada do Ouro.
Pousada do Ouro
Pousada do Sandi
(Make sure you make your reservations in advance)

Many Artists and some celebrities, such as Thomas Mann, Mick Jagger or Tom Hanks, were and are attracted by this lovely coast town.

The most lovely area is downtown at the historic center. It is an area without cars, except for hotel guests and delivery. You can enjoy a lot of water and trail activities and finish the day with a great meal in one of the lovely restaurants and of cause a caipirinha (or two).

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My highlights:

  • Renting a boat and enjoy a full day trip along the coast. The crew guides you to awesome bays, where you can dive and see all the submarine animals. At lunchtime we were at a very small island which just had one restaurant on it. The food was very delicious !!!

    Don't forget hats and sun protection
    Don’t forget hats and sun protection
  • Our daily trips to one of the wonderful beaches along the coast around Paraty. They are all nice for swimming, watersport activities or just suntanning and relaxing. If you stay a couple of days, you should see various. If you just have one day, my recommendation is the Praia de Trinidade.

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We will definitely return !!!!


Many thanks to Dany, who gave us the recommendation.












Andere Länder, andere Sitten – Limette oder Gurke

Wie hält man Essen (Sandwiches, Salate, Nachtische etc.) über den Tag frisch und geschmackvoll?

Deutschland: Gurke


Mexiko: Limette


Spanien: Zitrone oder Orange



























Your best friends in Valencia

There is to so much you need to worry about. Most of the people speak English. The cuisine is compatible with all cultures and in most of the places you will be asked for any allergies you might have.

Of cause you will need sun protection from April/May to late September and a hat or cap.

Mosquitos won´boter you too much and wild animals you won’t meet outside of the very nice Bioparc (A day at the Bioparc Valencia).

I guess the best recommendation is to bring some really soft and comfortable shoes like Sport or City Sneaker for the walks through the city. The sidewalks are made mostly out of hard stone tiles, cobble or stone blocks (especially in the historic city center). Even though Valencia does not have many days of rain, if the floors get wet it can become very slippery.











Have a great time in Valencia and enjoy !!!







Tulúm, escaping from the real world – march 2018

After almost 2 weeks of jungle, nature and a lot of walking and climbing we deserved a rest in one of the awesome resorts at the Riviera Maya in Yucatán. That’s at least how we convinced the boys to join us. The Dreams Tulúm Resort & Spa blow us away in a very positive way. The staff was so friendly and helped us everywhere they could to make our stay a unique experience.

At the lovely beach or the pools the boys enjoyed themselves with the sports activities or just swimming in the wonderful caribbean sea.

Pelicans, a raccoon and many iguanas are living peacefully in the resort and contribute to the exotic ambiente.


The Food was outstanding in quality and diversity (including a Martini Bar and live cooking events). Try to my favorite Martini: Martini con café

One of the major highlights was the Tequila tasting with Sommelier Angy (Angelica Ortiz).


She guided us through the world of Tequila so passionate and knowledgable. We enjoyed the event of cause from a taste point of view but also learned so much about Mexico, local vinery and the Mexican cuisine. – Thank you so much Angy !!! Tequila tasting

We surely come back.

Tulúm Dreams Resort & Spa

Bocairent – Caves, Ice and the festivities on Corpus Christi.

It was amazing to see one of the most historical festivities in the town of Bocairent. On Corpus Christi beside the traditional procession children celebrate their welcome to the Christian community. I had the chance to watch this nice tradition in Bocairent.

Aproximately an hour by car from Valencia Bocairent is hidden in the Sierra Mariola and offers a lot of things to do. My two favorite activities are the crawling through the ancient Cuevas de los Moros and the visit of la nevera/cava de Sant Blai.

The Cuevas de los moros are caves (most likely of the Xth century), which were inhabited by North African Berbers. About 50 windows in the mountain are the only thing, you can see from outside. A small path guides you to the entrance and than you need to use hands and feet to crawl through the rooms.

The Cavas/neveras were big silos in the rocks, which were used to store Ice. Later the Ice was cut into cubes or bigger entities and sold to the people. The Cueva de San Blai is the ancient “fridge”, which is located in Bocairent. Snow and Ice was a big business before the invention of electricity. There are neveras throughout the region. (Cueva de Don Miguel, Cueva Arqueda, Cueva de la Habitación, Cuevita del Buitre, …).


Don´t miss out the fantastic walks. They are well signposted and lead you to all the interesting spots.

Btw: The food is delicious in all the tiny Restaurants and in the afternoon I recommend to have a fresh, homemade Horchata.

Bocairent has a great Homepage, whch gives you all the details to prepare your trip:

Valencias identity found in Graffiti

Valencias is a proven example of how Painting can enrich a city. You see a lot of this cities itentity in traditional and local motives outdoor and indoor. Modern spray- and other techniques live in perfect harmony with ancient themes as you can see in some of the fotos.

The culture of protest – Expressions of love, hate, desperacion or fun – Lifestyle – Food – Bellas Artes – all is painted by talented Artists and found in very old areas of the city like el barrio del Carmen as well as in the futuristic and modern quarters of the city.

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Some you find easily by walking through Valencias, but don´t miss out the beauty of indoor paintings in some of the museums or official buildings like the city hall (ayuntamiento). Most of them are well renovated and open to the public.


indoor Graffiti from the Rococo 


enjoy your Graffiti discovery tour and send me your favourite to:

and let me know if you wish me to post them on this blog.













Warum habe ich mit Basketball angefangen?

Mein erster Sport war Handball, den ich dann ca. 4 Jahre gespielt habe. Es hat mir nach einiger Zeit keinen Spaß mehr gemacht und deswegen habe ich mit Fußball angefangen. Doch nach mehrerem hin und her Gewechsele habe ich eine Basketballspielzusammenfassung auf YouTube angeschaute und ich war direkt begeistert von diesem Sport. Ich hab mich also gleich bei einem Probetraining bei dem Basketballverein in meinem Ort angemeldet und habe dann immer weiter gespielt und geübt. Meine erste Saison mit dem Team war auch gleich super erfolgreich. Wir beendeten sie als Tabellenzweiter. Ich spiele jetzt mein zweites Jahr und es macht mir immer noch Spaß. Ich bin froh das ich mit Basketball angefangen habe, weil ich noch mehr Freunde gefunden habe mit denen es mir noch mehr Spaß macht meine Zeit zu verbringen.


auch interessant: NBA-Finals 2017/18






NBA-Finals 2017/18

Ich interessiere mich jetzt seit drei Jahren für Basketball und spiele aktiv 1 1/2Jahre . Heute ist es soweit mein erstes Finale, das ich mir im Fernseher anschaue mit meinem Papa . Er hat extra nochmal Chips ,Flips und Getränke gekauft . Es hat leider nicht meine Mannschaft gewonnen aber es war einfach ein schöner Moment.

El museo nacional de cerámica y artes suntuarias.

Don´t get misleaded. This awesome museum is not exclusively about cerámicas. You can find all sorts of ancient artifacts of the traditional Valencian Bourgeoisie. The building alone (Palacio del Marqués de dos Aguas) is wothwhile a visit. The late Baroque and Rococo palace has so many items to explore.

My two favorites are the old kitchen on the 2nd floor and the XXL chaise-longue for a real great siesta.

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This wonderful museum is located down town in the palace of the Marqués de dos aguas; Calle Poeta Querol 2

Link: MNCerámica

Valencia – march 2018

What a beautiful trip to Valencia. At this time of the year it isn’t too hot or too busy either. But the seasonal context is not so important anyway. What count is the company you are in.

My highlights this time are:

1 – the 25th aniversary of my best pal.


2 – a lazy sunday in the mountains with a delicious Paella Valenciana.


3 – the breathtaking view from the top of the towns most energizing building.


4 – a great desert at the traditional Horchatería Santa Catalina.


5 – breakfast with my beloved ones


6 – A day at the Bioparc – a modern zoo with love for it´s animals and visitors

A day at the Bioparc Valencia

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The Bioparc in Valencia is one of the most modern home for exotic animals. Actually (2018) the flora and fauna to see is Africa (Sabana, Madagascar, Bosque ecuatorial y Humedales).

We were thrilled by the design of the park. The animals have plenty of space and you get pretty close to them.

The staff  is easy to find and very friendly and patient. They answer all questions the curious visitors might have.

Prices are a bit high if you buy normal tickets. But usually the Bioparc offers plenty of promotional discounts. So – you better check their website for promotions:

Don’t miss Bioparcs programs and shows like the feedings, the bath of the elephants, or the bird and mammal show. If you want to make most of your visit – see them all and reserve 5 to 6 hours for your stay.

We haven´t been to a zoo for ages because we thought they were all the same. Not so Bioparc. It is worth every cent and you will enjoy a new experience.

I wish they add other themes (continents) soon.

Bipoark links:

Bioparc Home      Tripadvisor      Facebook      Youtube    Instagram






Ensaladilla rusa

Ob Angela Merkel und Vladimir Putin diese Köstlichkeit gestern auch serviert bekamen? Schließlich war es der russische Koch Lucien Olivier, der im 19. Jh diese Köstlichkeit in Moskau berühmt machte. Der Koch mit belgischen Wurzeln benannte seine Kreation Салат Оливье (Salat Olivier). Heute ist  der Salat in ganz Spanien unter dem Namen ensaladilla rusa (Russischer Salat) bekannt und eine der beliebtesten Tapas.

Von den zahllosen Rezepten ist dies mein absoluter Favorit (für 4 Personen):


  • 2-3 Kartoffeln (450 g)
  • 4 Karotten
  • 2 Eier
  • 20 Oliven (in Manazanillawasser und mit Sardellen gefüllt)
  • 3 Eßlöffel Erbsen aus der Dose
  • 2 Dosen Thunfisch in Olivenöl (200g)
  • 500g Mayonnaise (am besten selbstgemachte)
  • Salz
  • Petersilie

Die Kartoffeln zum kochen bringen und die geschälten Karotten hinzugeben. Beides 25 Minuten kochen lassen. Danach die Eier und einen Löffel Teelöffel Salz. Weitere 10 Minuten kochen lassen. Danach das Wasser abschütten und alles abkühlen lassen.

Eier und Kartoffeln schälen und danach in Würfel schneiden. die Karotten in 4 Teile der länge nach teilen. Diese dann auch in kleine Würfel schneiden. Nun die Oliven zerhacken.

Kartoffeln, Karotten, Eier, Oliven und Erbsen in eine große Schüssel geben. Den Thunfisch mit den Händen zerbröckeln und hinzugeben. Alles mit der Mayonnaise vorsichtig vermischen und mit Salz abschmecken.

Zu guter Letzt mit der Petersilie garnieren.

Guten Appetit










Delicious spanish food in Valencia

The Challenge

Walking through Valencia and making the right choice for your meal often becomes a challenge. Everything looks delcioius and tasty but there are big differences. You even cannot tell by the look&feel or the people in the Restaurants which place is a tourist trap with bad food, as well as unreasonable prices and which one is keeping the promise of the wonderful spanish cuisine.


This link leads you to my selection for a great food experience, whether it´s a snack, lunch, dinner or breakfast: Download Good Restaurants

Guide to spanish ways of enjoying food

In general there are 5 different categories of how to eat. You have to make your choice already at the beginning when you order and let your waiter know whether you want:

  • Tapas
  • Platos
  • Montaditos
  • Paella, Rices
  • Bocadillos

Tapas are small sized dishes, which typically have no “owner”. You can order as many as you want and the waiter brings them in random order or at the same time for the whole group of people to share. It is a very socializing and fun way of spending time together.


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Platos is the way of eating like in most countrys. Each person orders something from the menue (a la carte).

Montaditos is similar to tapas. Usually you can choose from a buffet as many tapas as you want. They come along on a piece of bread and with wooden sticks, which at the end the waiter counts in order to prepare your check. This way of eating has become popular more recently. It is not as social as Tapas but can be fun too.


Paellas and other rice dishes are served in huge pans and everyone eats from the same dish, either on her/his own plate or directly from the pan, which is more traditional. These dishes tradicionally were prepared to enjoy within the family. When everybody came home from their duties, the families sat around the large Paellera to eat, talk, laugh and enjoy. Paellas and rice-dishes are available in many varieties – so there is a lot of choice but you have to decide for one for your group.


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Bocadillos are large sandwiches made from white bread (baguette style). You can choose from an endless variety. The most traditional are: ham and tomato, tortilla española (just an omelette) or de patatas (omelette with potatos), blanco y negro (2 saussages). Bocadillos can be eaten in the restaurant but most likely people take them away to eat them in the Mestalla (CF Valencias old soccer stadium, if you like sports), one of the beautiful plazas, parks or the awesome recreation area in the former riverbed of el Turia.







¡ Qué aproveche !

Warum fahren leere Busse durch den Berufsverkehr?

In der wunderschönen Stadt Erding genießt man lange den Blick auf die schönen Strassen mit ihren individuellen Ladengeschäften, Restaurants und den hervorragenden Eisdielen. Mindestens 20 Minuten, denn schneller kommt man derzeit gar nicht durch die Innenstadt. Eine Behelfs-ampel drosselt unnötig den Verkehr über die Sempt und die einzige Alternativ-Brücke ist gesperrt. So quälen sich alle Schüler der drei am Stadtpark gelegenen Schulen und der gesamte Berufsverkehr durch enge Strassen; viele von Ihnen sogar durch den Schönen Turm, durch den nur ein Fahrzeug gleichzeitig durchpasst. Kurz nach eins wiederholt sich dann das Ganze nach Schulende.

So weit, so gut. Doch müssen zu dieser Zeit auch riesengroße Busse des MVV leer (Betriebsfahrt) zu genau dieser Zeit durch dasselbe Nadelöhr geleitet werden? Ich denke – NEIN.

Sicherlich müssen auch Busfahrer Praxis-stunden sammeln oder Busse von einem Ort zum Anderen gefahren werden, aber man kann das auch zu einer anderen Zeit über andere Wege organisieren.

Die Innenstadt kann so entlastet werden. die übrigen Verkehrsteilnehmer wären sicherer und es würden auch weniger Abgase die Luft belasten.

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