Ireland – lots of places you feel welcome.

Ireland hosted us during a lovely vacation with all its charme and beauty. Visiting  many places leads to observations, which you may consider contradicting. On one hand you discover diversity on the other hand they all have lots of aspects in common, the so called cultural identity. In Ireland one of the most pleasant experiences, which we have made in all spots, we have visited, was the friendlyness and openess of the irish people. Whether it was a big city like Dublin or very small countryside towns like Cong, everybody made us feel very welcome. Days are starting and ending with a smile.

We enjoyed so much our main stay in the Old Schoolhouse within the Ashford Castle area. We rented this enchanting home for two weeks. It is ideal to make daytrips throughout all the north and west and east of the country.

Our most wonderful impressions we took:

  • walking along the Cliffs of Moher

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  • partying in Galway
  • visiting the Kilbeggan Whiskey Distiller
  • on a shopping experience in Dublin, including the Old Guinness Brewery

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  • on a trip to the Aran Islands

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  • at the evenings in front of the fireplace in the Old Schoolhouse finally reunified with our daughter, who spent a highschool-year in Athlone.

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Also the Ashford Castle offers a lot of activities for the entire family. We had a great time during 2 hours on the back of wonderful horses riding across all the Ashford Castle park. Archery, fishing on the lake and extensive walks made our stay unforgettable. Not to forget the delicious food and tea breaks we had at the Hungry Monk Café in Cong.

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(As we are not great golfers we skipped the wonderful 18 hole challenge. Anyhow, if you are adicted to golf, I am sure you cannot resist.)



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