São Paulo – my kind of town

São Paulo is the biggest xxx colony outside of yyy. Biggest Japanese colony outside of Japan, biggest German colony outside of Germany and so on. You could think that this leads a bit to a lost identity, which is not the case at all. São Paulo is with all its diversity pure Brazilian and you can feel its enchanting identity in every corner, park, building, district. Whether favela or business area; whether black, indigenous or Portuguese population  – all is São Paulo. There are so many gorgeous places and things to do, that I would need hundreds of blogs to cover everything.

Some of my highlights:

  • For Soccer lovers:
    • see a match in the Morumbi Stadium, home of FC São Paulo. Morumbi
    • see a match in Santos and visit the Museum and Stadium tour. Santos
      If you do both, you will see the difference between huge and familiar, but you will get the great ambiente in both and you’ll catch the legend aura of stars like Pelé, Neymar, Coutinho, Kaká,  and others.

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  • Estação da Luz is one of São Paulos most important railway stations. The architecture from the 19th century is just admirable. Also the Garden, Jardim da Luz, across the street and the Pinacoteca are a must-see, while you are there. Estacao da Luz

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  • The arts market at Praça Benedito Calixto is definitely my favorite street market. Vintage, street music, street food, handicrafts and a lot of unique items are there to be discovered. You will see, how time flies, while you stroll through the multitude of booths, have a snack or coffee in one of the lovely cafés.  The market only opens on Saturdays. Arts Market Benedito Calixto

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  • Liberdade is the Japanese district of São Paulo. Liberdade is a must for all Sushi lovers. Liberdade
  • A romantic dinner, a Party or just the last drink. The perfect place is one of the gorgeous Roof top Restaurants just below the Brazilian sky.





Enjoy your trip to São Paulo ….


…. and don’t miss out your theatre or musical experience. They are so breathtaking.



Muito obrigado a Elaine, Carlos, Thais and all my other friends, who made my stay so unique.









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