Aguas Claras – how to grow coffee

Aguas Claras Eco Lodge is a spot in paradise. The active Coffee plantation is offering a full range of countryside lifestyle in the Brasil. Nearby Guapimirim in the state of Rio de Janeiro this beautiful resort of Eco Tourism is so enjoyable that you don’t want to leave any more.

The quiet and peaceful environment gives all you need to relax and enjoy the nature. It is a great Refugium for the entire family. We enjoyed so much the time swimming in the pool or just chilling in the hammocks and watching the wild parrots.

Harvesting Coffee

The Activities offered include

  • daily horseback riding
  • a ride on a 4×4 throughout the entire farm
  • actively watching (and helping) to harvest the coffee (see picture above)
  • and many more
A daily ride to explore the surroundings


The food at Aguas Claras is mostly homemade and so delicious:

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When writing this outstanding memory of our journeys I was shocked that the homage of Aguas Claras I had written down was not active anymore. I hope all is well there and Aguas Claras is still giving it´s enchanting moments to many other travelers.













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