Paraty – and its wonderful beaches

Paraty is one of the very few seaside villages right halfway on the way from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo, where the old colonial style houses survived. They are all well conserved and most of them are nice Pousadas nowadays. They all look nice and offer a high level of comfort. Personally I can recommend highly Pousada do Sandi and Pousada do Ouro.
Pousada do Ouro
Pousada do Sandi
(Make sure you make your reservations in advance)

Many Artists and some celebrities, such as Thomas Mann, Mick Jagger or Tom Hanks, were and are attracted by this lovely coast town.

The most lovely area is downtown at the historic center. It is an area without cars, except for hotel guests and delivery. You can enjoy a lot of water and trail activities and finish the day with a great meal in one of the lovely restaurants and of cause a caipirinha (or two).

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My highlights:

  • Renting a boat and enjoy a full day trip along the coast. The crew guides you to awesome bays, where you can dive and see all the submarine animals. At lunchtime we were at a very small island which just had one restaurant on it. The food was very delicious !!!

    Don't forget hats and sun protection
    Don’t forget hats and sun protection
  • Our daily trips to one of the wonderful beaches along the coast around Paraty. They are all nice for swimming, watersport activities or just suntanning and relaxing. If you stay a couple of days, you should see various. If you just have one day, my recommendation is the Praia de Trinidade.

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We will definitely return !!!!


Many thanks to Dany, who gave us the recommendation.












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