Bocairent – Caves, Ice and the festivities on Corpus Christi.

It was amazing to see one of the most historical festivities in the town of Bocairent. On Corpus Christi beside the traditional procession children celebrate their welcome to the Christian community. I had the chance to watch this nice tradition in Bocairent.

Aproximately an hour by car from Valencia Bocairent is hidden in the Sierra Mariola and offers a lot of things to do. My two favorite activities are the crawling through the ancient Cuevas de los Moros and the visit of la nevera/cava de Sant Blai.

The Cuevas de los moros are caves (most likely of the Xth century), which were inhabited by North African Berbers. About 50 windows in the mountain are the only thing, you can see from outside. A small path guides you to the entrance and than you need to use hands and feet to crawl through the rooms.

The Cavas/neveras were big silos in the rocks, which were used to store Ice. Later the Ice was cut into cubes or bigger entities and sold to the people. The Cueva de San Blai is the ancient “fridge”, which is located in Bocairent. Snow and Ice was a big business before the invention of electricity. There are neveras throughout the region. (Cueva de Don Miguel, Cueva Arqueda, Cueva de la Habitación, Cuevita del Buitre, …).


Don´t miss out the fantastic walks. They are well signposted and lead you to all the interesting spots.

Btw: The food is delicious in all the tiny Restaurants and in the afternoon I recommend to have a fresh, homemade Horchata.

Bocairent has a great Homepage, whch gives you all the details to prepare your trip:

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