Valencias identity found in Graffiti

Valencias is a proven example of how Painting can enrich a city. You see a lot of this cities itentity in traditional and local motives outdoor and indoor. Modern spray- and other techniques live in perfect harmony with ancient themes as you can see in some of the fotos.

The culture of protest – Expressions of love, hate, desperacion or fun – Lifestyle – Food – Bellas Artes – all is painted by talented Artists and found in very old areas of the city like el barrio del Carmen as well as in the futuristic and modern quarters of the city.

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Some you find easily by walking through Valencias, but don´t miss out the beauty of indoor paintings in some of the museums or official buildings like the city hall (ayuntamiento). Most of them are well renovated and open to the public.


indoor Graffiti from the Rococo 


enjoy your Graffiti discovery tour and send me your favourite to:

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