Tequila tasting

7 great Tequilas (5+2) made our evening. The fantastic Sommelier Angelica Ortiz gave us a great overview of the history, styles and habits of the national DRINK of Mexico. So, let’s spoil the party of everyone who thought Tequila is a shot with the nice habit of lemon and salt. This is just touristic hocus pocus. Tequila is a delicious spirit like Whisky, Cognac or Gin.

5+2 ->
The 2 -> are an aperitif, Tequila Pomegranate mix, and a cream blend (equivalent to Baileys), which is a great companion for your dessert.
The 5 -> Blanco, Joven, Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo. All from the greates Brands.

Gracias Angélica

(she is right now at the wonderful Tulúm Dreams Resort and Spa. But also guests from outside the resort can book this great experience)


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