How to Deal with a Holiday Hangover?

Excellent thaughts on how to overcome being back in everydays routines.

Trips Don't Lie.

Have you just returned home from a week-long holiday? Does your life feel meaningless now and you still can’t get over with the great time you had, away from the daily hustle-bustle? Your body is home but mind has not returned from the holiday mode. You wish your vacation had lasted longer.

But it’s time to get back to reality!

You’ve been hit by a post-vacation hangover or holiday blues, as it is called.

We understand it’s a difficult time to pass, it happens with most of us after returning from a wonderful trip. But everything has a cure-

Holiday hangover

  • Take up the easier work first- After spending a great holiday, you hit the office and find your inbox loaded with mails and piles of paperwork on you desk. Or as a student, you get burdened with assignments to submit and unending lectures! To start with, set your priorities and deal…

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